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Best Wellness Websites: 20+ Examples To Help You Launch The Perfect Wellness Website (2022).

Wellness Websites - Best Examples
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Wellness websites screenshots and examples - wellness influencer websites

Welcome to the Wellness Websites Round-up (2022)!

I’ve been wanting to put together this list of wellness websites for a really long time because I know how inspiring it can be to look at what others in your industry are doing. My hope is that you find some things you love and use this as motivation in creating your own website!

I’ve focused this list primarily on solo health & wellness practitioners, along with a few small wellness brands. And from there, I divided the websites into categories based on each practitioners primary niche or focus.

The categories include:

  • Influencers & Bloggers
  • Fertility Experts
  • Thyroid Experts
  • Nutritionists & Dietitians
  • Functional Medicine & Coaching
  • Wellness Brands & Recipes Creators
  • Holistic Skin & Beauty
  • Recovery Coaching & Addiction
  • Life & Health Coaching
  • Naturopathic Doctors

Each of these wellness websites has things that I think work really well, and some things that could definitely be improved. The great thing about your website is that it can evolve over time which is always why I recommend choosing a platform you can learn how to use yourself!

As someone who specializes in wellness websites, I’m always on the hunt for more great examples. If you have one – send it on over!

And, with that…let’s dive in.

Websites For Influencers & Bloggers

Simply Real Health – https://simplyrealhealth.com/

Simply Real Health is healthy lifestyle company with one goal: to teach people how to live a healthier and more intentional life, the simple way. Founder, Sarah Adler, has launched multiple cookbooks, runs an online cooking club membership & has grown her Instagram account to almost 37K. I love how fresh & light her website feels, and her branding photos are amazing.

  • I would add “ways to work together” to the homepage
  • I would feature a lead magnet front & center on the homepage

The Balanced Blonde – https://www.thebalancedblonde.com/

Jordan Younger of The Balanced Blonde has built a thriving blog, podcast & instagram following of 225K+ around her passion for holistic health & spirituality. Her diagnosis of Lyme Disease led to her passion for radical self-care, alternative healing treatments, and holistic medicine. While it’s not my personal style, I do love that Jordan’s website is full of personality.

  • I would remove the drop-down menus for easier navigation
  • I would break-up up some of the text-heavy pages

Rachael’s Good Eats – https://rachaelsgoodeats.com/

Rachael DeVaux, founder of Rachael’s Good Eats, is a registered dietitian, and certified personal trainer who makes living a healthy lifestyle enjoyable. As a licensed RD with a bachelors degree in Dietetics, she gives her audience tools, advice and recipes to help them build healthy lifestyle habits, and create a positive environments around food, wellness, and fitness.

Rachael has an impressive 625K instagram following, and is also the co-founder of a gym fashion brand, Recreation Sweat, and Las Vegas cafe, Toast Society. I like how her website is minimal and easy-to-navigate, and her use of good photography throughout the site. The layout is organized and makes her blog content easy to digest.

  • Rachel uses Linktree on her Instagram bio instead of linking to her main website. I would create a similar links page on her main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.
  • I would add different heading styles to break up her homepage, and give her content some hierarchy. I would also design sections to promote all of her offers, rather than just her blog posts and categories. E.g. Recipes, E-book shop, fitness brand, etc.
  • I would add some social proof to her website, in the form of testimonials and quotes or screenshots from her Instagram audience.

Rachel Mansfield – https://rachlmansfield.com/

Rachel is a passionate foodie, who has turned her love of cooking and baking into her own ‘food empire’. She and her husband, Jordan, work together to create their own delicious healthy recipes, made with real food for all the family.

They have built a 550k Instagram following, and they collaborate with popular brands in the health and wellness industry. Rachel also has her own Podcast and recipe book “Just the Good Stuff” with 100+ guilt-free recipes. I love how Rachel includes photos of her family to connect with her audience, and make her website more personal.

  • I would move the social media icons from the top of her website to the footer to keep visitors on her website for longer.
  • There is a large, site-wide Google ads banner that sticks to the bottom of the window. To make this look less intrusive, I would integrate ads more seamlessly into the website design.

Camille Styles – https://camillestyles.com/

Camille Styles is a passionate entrepreneur and mom-of-two, who is on mission to inspire everyone to live the life of their dreams with the balance of delicious food, beautiful design, and intimate gatherings. Over the last decade, her ‘just for fun’ blog has grown into an influential and entertaining brand.

Every day, Camille and her team of editors share food, lifestyle, and wellness content to her 186k+ following. Every month, their website receives over 50 million impressions. I really love the minimal, clean aesthetic of her website, that’s very similar to my own design style. The site is easy to navigate and I like the use of drop-down menus for each of her blog topics.

  • Camille uses ‘linkin.bio’ on her Instagram bio instead of linking to her main website. I would create a similar links page on her main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.
  • There is a large, site-wide Google ads banner that sticks to the bottom of the window. To make this look less intrusive, I would integrate ads more seamlessly into the website design.
Wellness websites screenshots and examples - Thyroid websites

Websites For Fertility Experts

Fab Fertile – https://www.fabfertile.com/

Fab Fertile is a functional fertility and health coaching business, who offer a targeted approach to fertility. The founder, Sarah Clarke, is a mother, author, and certified health and life coach who was diagnosed with premature ovarian failure in her late twenties.

She discovered the link between her chronic health conditions, and food allergies and gut infection during menopause, and now spreads a message of hope that infertility can be reversed with functional health coaching and natural fertility solutions.

Sarah has her own signature fertility coaching program, is the author of three books, and she is also the creator of the ‘Get Pregnant Naturally Podcast‘. I love that Sarah uses videos throughout her website to really engage with her audience. I also love that the website has testimonials and case studies to increase trust and credibility.

  • To prevent overwhelm, I would reduce the number of links on the top navigation bar. Including only links to the main website pages (About, Work with Us, Shop, Blog, Contact Us). I would then create a pop-up hamburger menu to include links to sub-pages.
  • Fab Fertile use ‘linkin.bio’ on their Instagram bio instead of linking to the main website. I would create a similar links page on the main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.

Nestwell by Emily – http://www.nestwellbyemily.com/

Nestwell was founded by Emily Watson, a certified fertility wellness coach, educator and writer. Following her own infertility journey, Emily’s mission is to guide and support women and couples trying to conceive by taking control of their nutrition, lifestyle, and mindset.

She offers personalized one-one-coaching, and regular group sessions. She has her own blog Nesting Notes. On the website, Emily has some great, high quality brand photos that make an impact. The photos of her looking into the camera help form an instant connection between her and her audience.

  • I would move the large image of Emily on her homepage, to the top of the page, and overlay the intro text on top to create an impact. As the image has lots of white space, this would be perfect for the hero.
  • I would create a footer on the site, with links to the main pages so visitors are encourages to stay on the site for longer.
  • The Instagram link on the homepage does not work, so I would fix this.

Elanza Wellness – https://www.elanzawellness.com/

ELANZA is on a mission to revolutionize the fertility treatment experience, and they’re a great addition to our wellness websites roundup 👏 They are a team of the world’s most renowned fertility experts, and the co-founders, Brittany Hawkins and Catherine Hendy, are authors of the book Everything Egg Freezing. An eye-opening guide to the egg freezing procedure. I love their website as the design is modern, clean and well structured.

The branding is well implemented with stand-out colors and cohesive design throughout all pages. They make good use of professional stock images, videos, and dynamic features. I also love that you can listen to the podcast right on the website, this helps to keep visitors on site longer, which has a positive impact on SEO.

  • I would make the navigation stick to the top of the page, as the navigation bar is lost when scrolling through the website.
  • When first clicking onto the site, a pop-up appears. I would change this so that the pop-up is triggered further down the website.
  • ELANZE use Linktree on their Instagram bio instead of linking to the main website. I would create a similar links page on the main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.

Nourished with Nina – https://nourishedwithnina.com/

Nina is a fertility awareness educator who teaches women her unique fertility awareness method for natural birth control & optimized conception. She offers private training and a 6-month FAM membership. She also has her own blog, hosts her Healing Hormones Podcast, and regularly shares content to her 9k+ Instagram followers.

I love that Nina’s website has clear sections to keep her content organized and easy to digest. I also like the gold foil graphic elements on her site, as they work well with her branding and create a fun, creative aesthetic. I also like her use of countdown timers for the free training offer to create urgency.

  • On the homepage, I would make the hero image and text window height to have a bigger impact when first opening the website.
  • Nina uses ‘Campsite’ on her Instagram bio instead of linking to her main website. I would create a similar links page on the main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.
Wellness websites screenshots and examples - fertility websites

Best Websites For Thyroid Specialists

Paloma Health – https://www.palomahealth.com/

Paloma health are a team of functional health doctors who provide specialist care for Hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s Disease.

They offer advanced medicine, a smart and holistic approach to treatment, and have a monthly membership for at-home thyroid kits, online doctor visits, and vitamin supplements. They have a 12k+ instagram following who they share valuable health and nutrition content with.

I like how the website makes it really easy to contact them with the use of a live chat feature and built-in call scheduler. I love the dynamic features like the quiz, animated icons, sliders etc. that help to encourage engagement. I also like the creative design touches, such as the animated icons and abstract shapes and graphics.

  • I would make the opt-in forms for the Thyroid Guide and Thyroid Meal Plan lead magnets more prominent on the page, as they get lost in the blog posts.
  • Paloma Health use ‘tapbio’ on their Instagram bio instead of linking to the main website. I would create a similar links page on the main website to help improve SEO and create a smoother user experience.

Tash Harris – https://tashharris.com/

Tash Harris is a certified health coach and thyroid health blogger with a master’s degree in medical librarianship. Following her intense journey with Hashimoto’s disease, she was empowered her to help others to improve their thyroid function through optimal nutrition, sustainable lifestyle shifts, and education.

She offers 1:1 thyroid health coaching and writes educational blog posts, creates delicious recipes, and shares useful resources to her audience. I like how her website is minimal and clean, making it easy to navigate and find what you are looking for.

Her built-in call scheduler and organized blog create a positive user experience, and the dynamic hover features add interest to the site. I also like how Tash promotes her lead magnet with a mockup, this helps visitors visualize what they are getting and encourages them to download.

  • I would add a call-to-action and button to the top of her homepage to encourage users to scroll, or engage with the site.
  • I would add an introduction to the coaching offer on the homepage with a call-to-action for the coaching page.
Wellness websites screenshots and examples - nutrition websites

Best Websites For Nutritionists & Dietitians

Cindy Spratt – https://www.cindyspratt.com/

Cindy Spratt is a registered Holistic Nutritionist, specializing in Culinary Nutrition and Eating Psychology. She is a wife, mother and cancer survivor on a mission to help others find their own positive food journey, and rebuild positive relationships with food and health.

She has over 1k Instagram followers with almost 300 monthly Pinterest views. Her website and social media are filled with inspirational blog posts and content, delicious recipes, and information about her workshops and courses. I like that her website has a clean and minimal style. I also like the drop-down navigation to organize her pages and blog categories.

  • I would separate her homepage content into clear sections, and increase spacing to make the content easier to digest.
  • I would add a footer to the website with links to her main pages. As Cindy is active on Instagram, I would also add an Instagram link to the footer with a live feed integration.

The Balanced Nutritionist – https://thebalancednutritionist.com/

Another great addition to our wellness websites collection! Jamie, the founder of The Balanced Nutritionist, is a registered dietitian who has dedicated her career to helping people find balance with food. She has an exclusive membership, popular blog, and a growing audience of 62k+ followers on Instagram, where she shares tips, recipes, resources, and tools to promote a healthy lifestyle. I love the modern, feminine, and fun design of this website.

The colors are fresh, and her images and branding are cohesive. The site is well structured, and creates interest with eye-catching sections as you scroll through each page.

  • I would add some dynamic features to the site to further engage visitors, as the design is quite static. For example, I would add some transitions, subtle animations, and video content.
  • On Instagram, they link to their Kajabi handbook instead of the main website. This means there’s no quick way to find her website from Instagram. To solve this, I would create a links page on the main website with a link to the Kajabi handbook and her main pages and offers. This will help her audience easily find her website, and will also improve SEO for her main site.

Shelagh Rose Nutrition – https://shelaghrosenutrition.com/

Shelagh Rose Nutrition provides functional lab testing, nutrition counselling, and 1:1 support to help women take control of their health, and manage their hormones and PCOS. Founder, Shelagh is a registered dietitian with a passion for experimenting with food and creating mouth-watering and nutritious recipes.

She shares these recipes along with other health and wellness content on her blog and social media, where she has over 2k followers. I really love Shelagh’s high quality brand photography that is used throughout her website. The bright photos match her colorful branding, and make her website feel inviting and approachable.

  • On the homepage, the ‘let’s connect’ button links to an external Practice Better application form that opens in a new tab. To make this smoother and more cohesive on her website, I would embed the form into her website rather than linking to an external page.
  • This is the same with her email marketing opt-in. This links to a Flodesk landing page but embedding on her site would improve user experience, and encourage users to stay on her website for longer.

Nourish Thrive – https://www.nourishthrive.com/

NourishThrive offers nutrition services using functional medicine and a holistic, patient-centered approach. Founder, Brooke Erickson, is a functional nutritionist who’s goal is to help her clients resolve and get to the root cause of their chronic health issues.

She shares lots of educational posts and reels about functional medicine, health, and wellness. The website is clean, simplistic, and easy to navigate. It’s also mobile responsive, which is a must for all websites.

  • I would break up the copy on all pages , and split into sections to create more visual interest and make the content easier to digest.
  • I would also add a headline to the homepage to connect with the audience, and make it obvious on first look what they do and who they serve.

Caroline Green Nutrition – https://carolinegreennutrition.com/

Caroline Green is a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN), and certified Intuitive Eating Counselor who promotes positive relationships with food, eating, and exercise. She’s on a mission to educate and support her clients to live healthier lifestyles by avoiding diet culture, food rules, and negative body image. 

On her blog, she shares tons of nourishing recipe ideas and health tips. She’s also active on Instagram, and enjoys sharing humorous reels with her growing 5k following. I love the design of Caroline’s website as it is modern, well-structured, and engaging. Her brand colors are very earthy, and suit the health and wellness industry well. She also has some great brand photography, which she uses throughout her site.

  • I would add some more spacing/padding around her text and images, to make the content stand out and easier to consume.
  • I would also add call-to-actions at the end of each page, to encourage the user to keep browsing through the website.

Add Nutrition LLC – https://addnutritionllc.com/

Add Nutrition LLC are on a mission to make science-based nutrition approachable, and enjoyable. April Dirteater (Roy), the company’s founder and CEO, is a registered dietitian who has been coaching and transforming lives for over two years. She empowers women to make healthy food choices, and avoid diets that are too restrictive.  She has four registered dietitians and coaches on her team, as well as a social media manager to keep up with her 15k Instagram followers. 

April also co-hosts ‘The Everyday Dietitians’, Podcast where she and fellow dietitian Hope Brand share advice and discuss popular health topics and trends. I love the brand colors used on their website, as they are bright and fun but not too overpowering. The team use professional photography throughout the site, which make the site personable and inviting, which matches their brand voice and mission.

  • I would promote the podcast on the homepage, and give a brief overview of the services too.
  • To engage visitors, I would add some dynamic features to the site, such as transitions, animations, and podcast audio-grams.
  • The Instagram link on the top of the website doesn’t work. I would fix this so there are no dead-ends.

Restord by Allie – https://restordbyallie.com/

Love this addition to our wellness websites roundup – it’s so nicely done! Founder Allie, is a functional medicine dietitian who specializes in digestive health, hormones, and overall wellness. She offers 1:1 services with a holistic and evidence-based approach.

She shares her nutritious recipes, educational content, and light-hearted videos to her 6.7k Instagram followers. And her most popular reel to date is her Chimichurri Steak Street Taco recipe that has almost 30k views! I love the mix of brand photos and stock images on this website, they work well with the design and create a fun, bright, and welcoming feel to the site.

  • I would reduce the size of the logo on the website, as is overpowering the headline text.
  • The ‘let’s chat’ button on her homepage links to an external form. I would embed this contact form into her website to keep visitors on the site longer, and make the form look cohesive.

Entirely Nourished – https://entirelynourished.com/

Michelle Routhenstein is a Cardiology Dietitian, Registered Nutritionist, and Certified Diabetes Educator who specializes in the management and prevention of cardiovascular disease. Through science-based, personalized nutrition, she helps people gain confidence in their health and lower the risk of heart disease. 

She is a popular expert in her industry, and shares weekly education posts and videos to her 10k instagram following. I like the clean, modern design of this site. The layout is well structured, and each section has a clear call-to-action.

  • I would adjust the navigation bar design to so the the links were less cramped. I would include only the main page links, and add a drop-down menu or hamburger menu for sub-pages.
  • I would add some stock imagery to the site, to break up her brand photography and add more visual interest.

Live Real Fit – https://liverealfit.com/

Live Real Fit is founded by Allison Nelson, an Orthopedic Physical Therapist with a passion for simplifying fitness and nutrition. She is a mom-of-two, wife, and fitness expert who offers a real life approach to coaching, with personalized programs and easy-to-follow methods. Her unique workouts are available to purchase on her website, and are suitable for people at all stages of their fitness journey.

She shares a mix of educational content and personal posts to her 1.6k instagram followers, and she’s had a couple of virals reel reaching up to 725k views! I love the clean modern design of this website. The brand photography matches the site design perfectly, with dark and light contrasts. This is a nice addition to our wellness websites roundup because it shows good use of animations throughout.

  • I would add a mock-up of the ‘Free Meal Planning’ lead magnet to give a preview of what the subscriber will receive, and encourage them to opt-in.
  • As Allison sells videos of her workouts, I would add some short video clips throughout the site to show her working out and give a preview of the product.
Wellness websites screenshots and examples - functional medicine websites

Websites For Functional Health Practitioners

These three wellness websites are designed by me so I am a bit biased 😂 But have a look and see what you think! They definitely reflect the personality of each of the clients, which is always something I try to bring through when designing a website, or writing the copy.

Alanna Breckenridge – https://alannabreckenridge.com/

Epic Health – https://epichealthllc.com/

Angela Simpson Functional Medicine – https://angelasimpsonfunctionalmedicine.ca/

Homepage screenshot - wellness brands and recipe creators

Wellness Websites For Holistic Brands & Recipe Creators

Eat Alfafa – https://www.eatalfalfa.com/

Health Little Peach – https://healthylittlepeach.com/

screenshots - skincare & beauty niche

Wellness Websites For Skin & Beauty Experts

Holistic Raquel – https://holisticraquel.life/

Super Hero Skincare – https://www.superheroskincare.com/

Clear Skin Victoria – https://clearskinvictoria.com/

Wellness websites screenshots - recovery & health coaching

Best Websites For Recovery Coaches

Love the intuitive flow to the top two wellness websites. And the animation on the third one keeps the reader engaged.

Peaceful Purpose – https://www.peacefulpurpose.com/

Michael Walsh – https://michaelwalsh.com/

This Naked Mind – https://thisnakedmind.com/

Wellness website screenshots - life and health coaching

Best Life Coaching Websites

I love the colors on both of these wellness websites, and the animation on Katie Sandler’s website is pretty eye-catching. Both of these life coaches invested in having professional photos of themselves taken, and it really adds to their sites. Cannot emphasize how important it is to invest in some photography!

Carolyn Paris – https://www.carolynparis.com/

Katie Sandler – https://katiesandler.com/

Wellness website screenshots - naturopathy

Best Wellness Websites For Naturopathic Doctors

All three of these wellness websites are laid out really nicely with an intuitive flow, and use strong brand imagery & video.

Young Medicine – https://www.youngmedicine.com/

Dr Bizzy – https://www.drbizzy.com/

The Organic Cure – https://theorganiccure.com/

Want to Launch Your Own Wellness Website?

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