Ready to stop playing small?

Launch or Elevate Your Online Health Business & Reclaim Your Freedom in Just 3 Months

Creating a life of passion + purpose doesn't come easy.

In fact, if you're anything like us (back before we shifted online) you're stuck in a job that's lost its spark, craving more freedomflexibility & impact.

You're exhausted with no energy left for your family, and you know deep down something BIG has to CHANGE.

maybe you've had your eye on those other online health professionals.

 ...the ones with wildly successful online businesses, posting pictures of palm trees, while working from anywhere. 🌴🌴🌴

...wondering if you have what it takes to create that kind of success.

Well, here'S some good news

 You can 100% grow a freedom-filled online business of your own. 

But we get it...You've got about

1,001 questions, starting with:

How would I find clients online??

Could I leave my current job?

Should I create an online course? 

How much should I charge?? 

Should I offer packages? 

What if I struggle with tech?

And then there's the...


You've tried to put something together yourself,'s not exactly the VIBE you were after. 


Should you try Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, something else entirely? You have no clue!

Social Media

It seems necessary for an online business, but the truth kind of hate social media. 




It’s not that you wouldn’t LOVE some help…

But shelling out 25K+ for one of these high-ticket mentorship programs, and then hiring a brand strategist, web designer and copywriter isn't in the cards right now.

You need something streamlined & SIMPLE

A High-End Look, Without The high-end COST

Designed specifically for online health professionals

a "One-stop-shop" for launching or elevating your business

"Working with Jennifer, Chelsea + the Launch Rx® Team was seamless, supportive + organized! I had such an amazing time throughout the entire experience!  The icing on the cake was the quick turnaround time on my website - I love it so much!"


Functional Practitioner

Behind The brand

It's TRUE, we're "drop-outs" -- Chelsea left her job in healthcare marketing right around the same time Jennifer walked away from her traditional Nurse Practitioner career. 

And we haven't looked back once!

After a few years building our own online wellness businesses, we decided to join forces to begin supporting fellow entrepreneurs in the Health & Wellness space.

Jennifer brings a mix of clinical, business & mindset expertise, while Chelsea enjoys deep strategy work, branding & all things online marketing. 

To date, we've helped over 100 wellness experts, and we'd be honored to help you too. Whether you're brand new to owning a business, or you're looking to shift into the online space for the first time, we believe you can make BIG strides FAST with the right support in place. 

We've revolutionized the process for launching a high-end wellness brand & online business you love.

Inside Launch Rx®, you get a truly unique blend of personalized mentorship, luxe-feel marketing assets & practical training so you can launch in a matter of months, not years.


in just 03 months, you'll have a...

01. Clear Niche

We'll start out by getting crystal clear on your niche. This is the foundation of your online wellness business! Learn how to transform your existing knowledge into a clear and profitable niche that will distinguish you from the sea of other holistic health experts, and provide a solid foundation for future growth. 

02. Signature Offer

Then, we'll get clear on your services & offers, including how to price them! This is all about honing your existing expertise and helping your ideal client achieve the transformation they desperately want. But we don't stop there! You'll also learn how to deliver your services using an award-winning platform called Practice Better. 

03. Powerful Brand

Next, it's time to build your brand. We'll talk about what makes a successful brand, and give you access to our designer color palettes, fonts pairings & logo templates. You'll walk away with a logo, brand colors & fonts. Plus, a full "Brand Book" that will help you remain consistent & build trust with potential clients.  

04. Magnetic Funnel

This is where we talk about attracting clients online. We'll teach you exactly how to build a "sales funnel" & help you do it!  You'll create a high-end wellness guide, an automated series of emails to welcome new potential clients to your business & all the tech support to put your email marketing system into action. 

05. Modern Website

Next up? Your new modern website!  You'll use our strategic copywriting template to write your copy, and we'll professionally edit your work before moving into the design phase. You heard that right - we BUILD your website for you! And trust us when we say, we've thought through everything! Your new website will integrate seamlessly with Fullscript, Practice Better, and any other tool you'll need as an online Health Professional. We even teach you how to use your new website. 

06. Smart Strategy

And finally, we'll help prepare you for your first client & future growth. Jennifer will walk you through how to onboard & serve your future clients in Practice Better. Plus, we'll send you off with the social media strategy, templates & confidence you need to start promoting your sparkly online business. POP the bubbly because you're gonna feel accomplished. 

Personalized Premium Support


We don't like cookie cutter anything around here, which is exactly why we offer highly-personalized support that allows your unique business to blossom within the Launch Rx® framework. 

MARKETING Checkpoints

One of the areas our program REALLY shines is the "done-for-you" marketing support. We'll ask you to complete prep work for each step, but we handle the heavy lifting & polishing each step of the way!

1:1 Mentorship Sessions (6)

This is where the magic happens! You get six highly-personalized 1:1 sessions with Jennifer Wheeler to help unpack what you're learning in the Launch Rx® modules. This is where the magic happens as you gain clarity on your unique niche & services, and cultivate a CEO mindset. 

Brand Checkpoint

Get excited because you'll be working with our team to create a semi-custom wellness brand, including brand fonts, colors, a mood board & a logo. Once you've made your initial selections, we'll help finalize everything & ensure it's polished. 

"Office Hours" w/ REPLAYS

Get access to bi-weekly "Office Hours" where you can ask literally anything that comes up for you while launching (or re-launching) your business. Think small group, cozy socks & tea vibes. Can't attend LIVE? No problem! Just submit your questions in advance + catch the replays!

"SALES funnel" Checkpoint

Ever wondered how you're going attract clients online? We have one word --> "sales funnel", and we'll help you set it up!  You'll start w/ our "plug & play" templates & we'll professionally edit everything. You'll walk away w/ a beautiful free guide to give away, an automated series of emails that drip out to potential clients & all the backend tech handled - heck YES!

Did we mention you have DIRECT private messaging access to both Jennifer & Chelsea inside the Launch Rx® community? This is huge to keep you going in between your 1:1 sessions. Get stuck on a certain module - just pop your question into a DM and we'll help you move forward.  

1:1 Private Messaging w/ JenNIFER + Chelsea

WEbsite Checkpoint

That's right - we build you a gorgeous modern website. Done-for-you marketing support is one of the areas our program TRULY SHINES. You'll leverage our "plug & play" copy guides to write your first draft. Then we'll professionally edit everything before we start the design phase!

24/7 Private Community w/ Chat

Get 24/7 access to the private Launch Rx® community of other Health Professionals. This is truly a game-changer when you're making BIG moves because it's packed w/ positive energy, insights & encouragement. Plus experts hanging out to answer questions!



A clear profitable wellness niche that helps you standout in the sea of other holistic health experts.

A high-end wellness brand that builds trust with potential buyers + gives you confidence.

A new modern website that showcases your vibe + attracts high-caliber clients.

A fully-automated marketing funnel that attracts your perfect-fit clients online. 

Powerful, clear messaging & luxe-feel marketing assets that convey the value of your services. 

A clear social media plan & organized Canva account that makes showing up online easier. 

A "CEO Mindset" with clarity around vision, profit & how to manage your time effectively. 

Confidence in how to serve clients, structure your business & create a high-end client experience. 


Each student gets access to a customizable brand kit, which will be personalized for your unique wellness business. 



Enroll + get immediate access to the program & the private online community. 🎉

Complete Program 

Watch the onboarding videos and begin working through the program & engaging with our team to launch your online business. 👩‍💻

Launch & Grow

Launch your personal wellness brand + settle in to your new CEO role and lifestyle. 🥂


Meet Your Support Team

Get access to 6 months of LIVE weekly "Office Hours" to get your personal questions answered as you move through the program. Plus access to a growing library of expert trainings.


Health marketing strategist

Chelsea is Co-Founder of Launch Rx®, bringing 10+ years of strategic marketing to the table. Since leaving her job in conventional healthcare, she's helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their online health businesses. On a personal note, she loves spending time with her 9 year old son outside of Seattle & embracing the slow life. ;)


Health Business Mentor

Jennifer Wheeler is Co-Founder of Launch Rx®, bringing years of clinical + business experience to the community. She works with students 1:1 providing personalized mentorship throughout the program, offering practical support with Practice Better, while also helping students adopt a CEO Mindset.



Michelle is a Holistic Health Copywriter, which means she's in charge of finding the perfect words to promote wellness services – without sounding pushy or fake! Inside the program, she edits all the writing to ensure your copy is polished & clear. Michelle lives on the East Coast, but is looking forward to spending time in Bali for 2024. 


Holistic Web Designer

Beckie is a talented web designer & absolute tech wizard. From whipping together beautiful website designs to helping you navigate tech challenges she comes through every time! Launch Rx® members can tag beckie for extra support inside the private community.  Beckie lives in the UK and is a proud dog mom.


Standout From Other Holistic Health Experts

A strong wellness brand helps you build trust & authority and distinguishes you from the sea of other wellness experts.

At the end of the program, you will have a consistent look & feel across your website, email marketing system & social media channels. 

What You Get

+ Professionally-Designed Website

+ (6) 1:1 Mentorship Sessions

+ Wellness Brand + Logo

+ (6) High-Value Training Modules

Value Stack

+ Professional Copy Editing 

+ Bi-Weekly "Office Hours" [LIVE]

pay-in-full | $9,995

+ 1:1 Messaging w/ Jen + Chelsea

The High-End Marketing Assets, Strategy & Mentorship You Need to Launch or Elevate in Just 3 Months.

I'm REady - LET ME IN!


Flex Pay | $1,849/mo








+ Luxe-Feel Marketing Templates

+ 24/7 Private Community w/ Chat



+ Clinical & Client Templates


+ Strategic Copy Guides





+ "Plug & Play" Social Media Kit


3 Additional Months of Community Support

Get access to the Launch Rx® Community for 3 additional months after completing the 3-Month Marketing & Mentorship program, for a total of 6 months access to LIVE Office Hours, messaging & discussion space. 

I Need This →

That Was a lot!


Personalized 1:1 mentorship sessions  to help you nail your wellness niche, create your signature offers & cultivate your CEO Mindset. 

By the time you complete Launch Rx®, you'll have everything you need to launch & grow your online online health business. We'll walk you through each step you need to take on your end, and we'll do all the heavy-lifting for you (e.g. web design, professional content editing). Plus, we'll teach you practical skills so you don't have to outsource every little thing moving forward!

A strong personal brand, logo & website to help you build authority, attract high-caliber clients & standout online!

All the support you need to setup your backend systems (email marketing, Practice Better, etc...) so you feel confident & prepared.

[LIVE] bi-weekly "Office Hours" to get your questions answered, plus tons of replays in case you want to binge them all!

Training to help you learn how to update your own website so you can make changes on your own moving forward. 

Luxe-feel marketing assets including social media + email marketing templates that will elevate your vibe.

a 3-Month Marketing + Mentorship Program for health experts

1:1 mentorship to personalize your experience & business

High-end wellness brand, website & marketing assets

design, Marketing & Tech Support, All in one spot

The foundation you need to grow your 
Health Business

If you want 2024 to be the year you finally commit to:

Getting clear on your wellness niche & creating a business packed with passion + purpose.

Moving past the fear, and showing up online with a business & brand you love. 

Attracting your dream clients and working with people that light you up.

Mastering the marketing essentials & mindset you need to become a Digital CEO.

Prioritizing your own health, passions & more time with your family. 

Getting your business off the ground so you can leave behind a job that no longer serves you.


Fully vetted strategies that actually work

Jennifer Wheeler, Founder of MNDSHFT Health, serves as our Health Business Mentor, sharing a wealth of knowledge about how to run an online wellness practice. 

Jennifer personally uses the same strategies & tech platforms that are taught inside the program. 

She brings 20 years of healthcare experience to the table, and loves helping students package their own wisdom & skills into profitable businesses. 

Jennifer Wheeler, NP Founder of MNDSHFT Health

This      for you if:

You're looking for a new brand + website, but also want online marketing training. 

You are *So* ready to turn this side hustle into a sustainable career, and you're willing to put in the work - let's go!

You want a high-end look + smart marketing strategy, without shelling out five figures.

It's probably        for you if...

You already have a website and aren't willing to start fresh on the showit platform

You've already nailed your wellness niche & have your website, lead magnet & email marketing game handled.

you're not willing to niche down into a certain area of wellness in order to build a profitable business.

You need someone to do the heavy-lifting, but you also want to learn how to do things yourself.

YOU'D RATHER hire us for 4x+ this amount to do a 100% custom project, and you don't want to learn as you go.

What You Get

+ Professionally-Designed Website

+ (6) 1:1 Mentorship Sessions

+ Wellness Brand + Logo

+ (6) High-Value Training Modules

Value Stack

+ Professional Copy Editing 

+ Bi-Weekly "Office Hours" [LIVE]

pay-in-full | $9,995

+ 1:1 Messaging w/ Jen + Chelsea

The High-End Marketing Assets, Strategy & Mentorship You Need to Launch or Elevate in Just 3 Months.

I'm REady - LET ME IN!


Flex Pay | $1,849/mo








+ Luxe-Feel Marketing Templates

+ 24/7 Private Community w/ Chat



+ Clinical & Client Templates


+ Strategic Copy Guides





+ "Plug & Play" Social Media Kit


Are there any other costs?

We highly recommend investing in professional photos, and include a photoshoot guide to help you find a photographer & plan your shoot. Other general business costs to plan for include:

- your website domain ($20/yr)
- your website builder / host ($19/mo)
- email marketing subscription ($20/mo)
- pro subscription ($119/yr)
- licensing your brand fonts (~$50)

Will I be able to update my website?

YES! One of the benefits of this program is that we build your site on the platform, which requires zero coding. We also provide training tutorials so you can learn how to swap in new images, update messaging & maintain your own website moving forward. This platform is also very flexible, allowing you to add additional pages as your business evolves.  

How much work do I have to do?

This is a "done-with-you" program, which means we do the work together. You do the prep work using our trainings & templates. And, we do the heavy lifting (like building your website & professionally editing your content). While it might be tempting to hire experts to do ALLLL the work for you, we find that this hybrid model is most valuable to newer business owners because you learn essential skills as you do the work with our support. 

How long will the program take? 

We've laid out this program strategically to be completed in just three months. You also gain access to the private community for an additional three months so you can get your questions answered and join LIVE "Office Hours" after launching. 

why us...

Because we're a small team of experts who specialize in wellness, which means...

A high-end vibe (without the high-end cost), giving you luxe-feel marketing assets & branding at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional agencies.

Deep industry "know-how", thanks to the fact that we've served 100+ health coaches, functional practitioners & clinicians.

Fully vetted program, co-founded by a Functional Health Practitioner & Health Marketing Strategist, both w/ 6-fig businesses of their own. 

Practical & simple trainings so you can walk away knowing how to update your website, create high-end marketing materials & write effective copy

A truly unique mix of "done-for-you" marketing, practical training & business mentorship, all in one highly-supportive community.

by the numbers


Clients Served


Websites Launched


Words Written


Team Members

The trainings are so helpful. Loved module 03. Excited for email marketing next!

— Holistic Health Coach

Such an organized, clear & helpful program with people I'm learning from daily.

—Dawn Flynn, Naturopathic Doctor

Brilliant job making the material absorbable!!

I  found so much clarity in all of the lessons. 

— Jennifer, Functional Practitioner

Chelsea helped me come up with several great niche ideas from my various passions.

— Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner


FREEDOM     *     AUTHENTICITY     *     PASSION     *     ABUNDANCE     *     CLARITY     *     FREEDOM     *     AUTHENTICITY     *     PASSION     *     ABUNDANCE     *     CLARITY     *     FREEDOM     *         

Your Personal Brand Will Open Doors.

A final note from Chelsea

As a Marketing Strategist, I love sexy websites, high-end branding, and strategic marketing. BUT the reason I love these things is because they open doors.


Quitting my 9-5 back in 2019 was the beginning of an entirely new life. One that I no longer wish to escape from. One where I wake up refreshed, get to call the shots, and work on projects that actually light me up!

Whatever that looks like for you, I want to help you create it. If you feel the nudge, I invite you to join us, and allow the magic to unfold inside Launch Rx®. 


It's About So Much More Than a Business

A final note from Jennifer

This is the program I wish I had back in 2020.

And the truth is, I invested 4x this much on high-ticket mentorship programs, designers and online marketing courses that claimed to have it all. 

Now, don't get me wrong -- I gained some incredible knowledge along the way, but I also knew there was a much more efficient way to go about this.

I co-created Launch Rx® to offer a much more efficient path to online success. One that provides a high-end concierge wellness feel & offers 1:1 personalized support, but without the high-end cost & drawn-out timeline.

Because ultimately, I'm here to help you with a lot more than launching a high-end wellness business.

I'm here to help you curate a life of passion + purpose. 

I truly believe that stepping out of conventional systems & becoming the CEO of your business & life can open massive doors for you, your family & your clients.  

If you’re ready to step into your power, I promise that everything you need to succeed is waiting for you inside the Launch Rx® community. 


Book a Call with me

Let's bring your wellness biz to life

 We'd love to help you launch your business & elevate your life in 2024. We look forward to partnering with you!