Launch Your Online Health Business in 90 Days With Expert Copy, Design & Strategy.

When it comes to a brand & website, you've got two options...

And, no matter which you choose...

Hire a bunch of experts (branding specialist, copywriter, web designer - $$$$$)


Spend months trying to "DIY" everything, only to be disappointed in the end


chances are, you'll walk away without the marketing skills you need to start making money online.

When it comes to launching an online health business, you've got two options:

Hire a bunch of experts (branding specialist, copywriter, web designer - $$$$$)

Spend months trying to DIY everything, only to be disappointed in the end.

And, no matter which you choose...

Chances'll walk away without the practical marketing skills you need to start making money online. 🙅‍♀️




Where the heck am I supposed to find clients online??


Do I really need a niche, and how do I know if it's profitable? 


What exactly is a personal wellness brand anyway??


How do I promote my business online without sounding pushy?”

Which is a problem, because quite frankly, all this marketing stuff...

It's not exactly your jam!

You've binged on endless free trainings and webinars, and you've still got about 1,001 questions, starting with...

And you've been stressing over...

A Logo

You've tried to put something together yourself and it's not exactly giving off the vibe you're after.

A Website

Should you try Squarespace, Wix, Wordpress, something else entirely? You honestly have no clue here.

Social Media

You know social media is necessary if you're going to grow online, but it feels *entirely* overwhelming at the moment. 




It’s not that you wouldn’t LOVE some help…

But paying someone to create a completely custom brand, and website just isn’t in the cards right now.

Not to mention those high-end mentorship & coaching programs selling for five's just not gonna happen right now. 

But...what if you could say goodbye to:

Wasting your precious time trying to create your own logo, brand & website. 

Buying alllll the templates & trainings only to let them collect dust somwhere in your inbox

Feeling self-conscious about your website, social media posts & marketing content.

Trying to mimic what all the other health coaches & practitioners are doing online

“You helped me get clear on my niche, and I love my new brand & website - thank you!”

— Brittany, Mental Health Counselor


Launch Rx 

We've revolutionized the process for launching a personal wellness brand, and it includes all the marketing essentials you need to grow online. All in one holistic program that can be completed in as little as 90 days.


Industry know-how 🤓

Someone who works exclusively with health & wellness experts and can help you articulate the value you bring to the table. 

style + strategy 🤓

Someone who can teach you the business strategy you need to succeed online AND create beautiful marketing materials. It's a powerhouse combo. ;) 

a Proven Roadmap 🤓

A simple roadmap that boils down the complex marketing stuff into clear actionable steps, because you didn't get into this line of work to become a marketing guru.

The Launch Rx® Roadmap

1. Pick a Profitable Niche

Learn what makes a wellness niche *profitable* & how yours stacks up. Begin to see how your niche is the absolute foundation of your online wellness business, and learn to position yourself as an expert so you can provide more value & earn a living doing what you love most.

Teach Me Plz

2. Plan Your Offers.

Once your niche is crystal clear, it's time to talk about what you're selling. We'll share what's worked best for our clients in the online wellness space. Expect to walk away with more confidence in your offerings & your pricing. 

Plus, you'll hear from Jennifer Wheeler, Founder of MNDSHFT Health about how to deliver a high-end client experience. This includes an introduction to the Practice Better platform where you can setup online scheduling, waivers & client intake forms. 

Teach Me Plz

3. Build Your Wellness Brand

Now it's time to build your brand. We'll talk about what makes a successful brand, and give you access to our designer color palettes, fonts pairings & logo templates. 

You'll walk away with a logo, brand colors & fonts, and image guidance that will help you stand out online & build trust with potential clients.  

YES, Build My Brand!

4. Build a Sales Funnel

Next, it's time to build a "sales funnel" so you can attract your perfect-fit clients, and nurture them on autopilot. Don't know what a sales funnel is? That's okay, we'll explain everything! 

We not only help you create a high-quality "Lead Magnet" and "welcome sequence", we also teach you how to put them into action using an email marketing workflow, so you're setup for ease & growth.

I Need All The Help!

5. Launch Your Website 

We'll walk you through how to create strategic content for your new website so that it not only looks good, but converts readers into paying clients.  Then, we'll whip together the design based on your the wellness brand you created in module four. Yes, that's right -  we create your website for you!

And trust us when we say, we've thought through all the things. This platform integrates seamlessly with Fullscript, Practice Better, Kajabi, Teachable, and pretty much any tool you'll need.  You'll walk away with a website you love & the ability to update it on your own (no coding!).

UM YES, Build My Website!

6. Grow Organically

Grab a bottle of kombucha because it's time to launch! But that's not all. You've built an entire marketing funnel at this point, and now it's time to drive traffic to it using social media. We'll send you off with the social media strategy, templates & confidence you need to start promoting your sparkly online business.

I'm Ready!




A modern website built to convert casual readers into paying clients. 


A logo, designer color palette & fonts that build brand recognition + trust. 


A clear profitable wellness niche that positions you as a "go-to" expert. 


A magnetic marketing strategy that attracts your perfect-fit clients online. 


The know-how to confidently market yourself on social media with strategy & style.

Enroll in Launch Rx® →

We've teamed up with leading designers at Tonic to bring you customizable brand kits that elevate your online business & magnetize perfect-fit clients. 


no. 01


Enroll and get immediate access to the program & the private online community. 🎉

no. 02

Complete Program 

Watch the onboarding videos & choose the 90-day or 6-month plan depending on your personal schedule & bandwidth. 👩‍💻

no. 03

Launch & Celebrate

Launch your new wellness brand & website, and put your new magnetic sales funnel to work 🥂

Premium Look & Feel on Every Device.

Showit allows you to optimize the user experience for mobile & desktop versions so your readers have an elevated user experience any time they land on your site.

Easy Drag & Drop Functionality

We build your website on Showit, which is an intuitive & flexible website builder that can grow & evolve alongside your business. 

Easy Drag & Drop Websites

We'll build your website on a drop & drag platform called Showit, so you can make updates as your business evolves, without coding (or cursing). Just drag & drop creative freedom.


success stories

Winnie Wu, Women's pelvic health

Chelsea's program is a no-brainer. I would do it a million times over. 

Chelsea has created a highly-efficient roadmap for launching an online wellness business. This program is unique because it combines marketing strategy, design support, social media help & a website. 


Professional Web Design

Designer Templates & Resources

Lifetime Access to Modules

6 Value-Packed Modules 


two options

Professional Copy Editing 

Weekly "Live" Office Hours

$3,500 pay-in-full

Private Community + Support

limited-time bonus

Grab & Post Social Media Vault.

Get access to "done-for-you" social media posts on holistic health topics. These are pre-written posts with matching graphics that you can personalize for your business. 

I Need This →

time to recap...

Value-packed modules that boil down complex marketing topics & strategies into easy-to-understand concepts.

Access to Chelsea + Team within the Private Launch Rx® Community to get all your questions answered as you learn & grow. 

Tech tutorials to help you learn how to update your own website so you can make changes on your own moving forward. 

Live weekly "Office Hours" on Fridays to get your questions answered, plus replays.

Social media support including designer templates, content planner & strategies to help you grow organically.

Email marketing support including tech tutorials & email templates to nurture your audience on autopilot. 

CORPORATE DROP-OUT, Digital CEO, Human Design Projector,  minimalist, writer & Designer

Hi, I'm Chelsea, Your New Online Business Friend.

My entrepreneurial journey started in 2020 after leaving the corporate world, worried I may have to return to a "normal job". But, two years later and I've built a 6-figure business that now single-handedly supports me + my son here in Seattle, WA.

I've helped over 75 wellness experts build their online businesses, and I'm so excited to bring this same methodology to you within the Launch Rx® program.

Whether you're brand new to owning a business, or you're looking to shift into the online space for the first time, I'm here to help you succeed. With the right support on your side, you can make big strides – fast. 🔥🔥🔥

The flexibility to go at your own pace w/ access to private group.

Designed Specifically for online health businesses

A community of other niched-down health experts.

design, Marketing & Tech Support, All in one spot

The marketing foundation you need to grow your 


Health Business

If you want this to be the year that you finally commit to:

Getting clear on your wellness niche & creating a business that can serve you & your people.

Moving past the fear, and showing up online with a website you love. 

Attracting your dream clients and working with people that light you up.

Mastering the marketing essentials you need to grow a sustainable online business. 

Creating a strategic sales funnel that will help you grow on autopilot. 

Getting your business off the ground so you can leave behind a job that no longer serves you.

Enroll Now →

Guest Mentor

Jennifer Wheeler, NP
Founder, MNDSHFT Health

Jennifer Wheeler, Founder of MNDSHFT Health, will be joining to share her wisdom on creating premium offers, and optimizing your client experience.

Jennifer is a nurse practitioner, functional medicine practitioner and multi-passionate entrepreneur with 20 years in the healthcare field.

bonus two

This      for you if:


You're looking for a new brand + website, but also want online marketing training. 

You are *So* ready to turn this side hustle into a sustainable career, and you're willing to put in the work - let's go!

You want a high-end look + smart marketing strategy, without shelling out five figures.

It's probably        for you if...


You already have a website and aren't willing to start fresh on the showit platform

You've already nailed your wellness niche & have your website, lead magnet & email marketing game handled.

you're not willing to niche down into a certain area of wellness in order to build a profitable business.

You need someone to do the heavy-lifting, but you also want to learn how to do things yourself.

YOU'D RATHER hire us for 4x+ this amount to do a 100% custom project, and you don't want to learn as you go.


Professional Web Design

Designer Templates & Resources

Lifetime Access to Modules

6 Value-Packed Modules 


two options

Professional Copy Editing 

Weekly "Live" Office Hours

$3,500 pay-in-full

Private Community + Support


5. Are there any other costs I should plan for? 

Similar to most major website building platforms, you will need to pay a monthly hosting fee directly to Showit in to keep your website live each month ($19/mo when paid annually). We also highly recommend investing in professional photos, and include a photoshoot guide in the course to help you find a photographer & plan your shoot. Other costs include purchasing your website domain (~$20/year) & subscribing to an email marketing provider (e.g. Flodesk). Lastly, we recommend upgrading to the pro version on & purchasing the font files used on your website. These are all basic costs that any online business should plan for. 

2. How do I manage my website moving forward? 

 You can access it by logging-in to your account and making changes yourself. includes amazing customer support (via chat / messenger), and has an extensive help library where you can learn how to use the website builder. As a Launch Rx® student, you also get exclusive access to our hourly support following the program in case you want help adding pages, etc...

3. Can I add pages to my website down the road? 

Absolutely! We intentionally chose because it's an easy platform to use and you can add a blog, a shop, additional pages, and really anything you want as your business grows. There is a learning curve, and you'll need to plan to watch some tutorials, but it's a "drag & drop" system with zero coding!  It also easily integrates with other platforms such as Practice Better, Kajabi, Fullscript, Shopify, Constant Contact, and pretty much anything you want to connect to your website. 

4. What does "done-with-you" program mean?

This means we do the work together. You do the prep work using our trainings & templates. And we do the heavy lifting, like build your website & professionally edit your content! You also have a full year access to weekly "Office Hours" where you can get all your marketing questions answered. 

1. How long will the program take? 

While you are free to go at your own pace, we have laid out two suggested timelines for completing the course. The first is an accelerated path that can be completed in roughly 90 days. However, if you are working full-time or have more family obligations, that's okay! We've also provided a 6 month plan that allows you more breathing room & time to move through the program. Regardless of which path you choose, you have lifetime access to the modules & 1 year of access to weekly "Office Hours"!

by the numbers


Clients Served


Websites Launched


Words Written


Team Members

The trainings are so helpful. Loved module 03. Excited for email marketing next!

— Functional Nutrition Therapy Practitioner, FNTP

Already learning so much. Thank you for putting this together. Really well thought out. 

— Holistic Optometrist

Such an organized, clear & helpful program with people I'm learning from daily.

—Dawn Flynn, Naturopathic Doctor

Brilliant job making the material absorbable!!

I  found so much clarity in all of the lessons. 

— Jennifer, Functional Practitioner

Chelsea helped me come up with several great niche ideas from my various passions.

Onto the next module!

— Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

I absolutely LOVE my new niche & website. Everything came together beautifully. 

— Heather, Clarity Coach & Healer

Let's bring your wellness biz to life

 We'd love to help you grow your online wellness business. You can email questions to We look forward to partnering with you!