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Marketing for Health Coaches: Five Scroll-Stopping Headlines You Need Now.

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Yes, please!

If you’re anything like the majority of my clients, you wish you could just handover all this online marketing stuff to an expert & focus on serving your clients.

And…while that would be nice, oftentimes it’s not quite in the budget to outsource everything just yet.

So today I’m giving you five high-converting headlines to use when writing:

  • blog posts
  • emails
  • facebook ads
  • sales pages, and/or
  • social media posts

These are headlines that will help you stop-the-scroll, and get your reader’s attention.

Because it’s not easy to get someone’s attention online!

We’re flooded with massive amounts of information, and we’ve come to expect instant gratification when we do lend our attention to something. 

So, what does this mean for you as a health coach or functional medicine practitioner trying to grow an online business? 

It means you need some DARN GOOD HEADLINES because if you can’t grab your reader’s attention, they’ll never know what you have to offer, and you’ll never be able to grow a thriving wellness business.

So, let’s jump into some examples worth saving!

Marketing for Health Coaches With Five Scroll-Stopping Headlines.

1. How To Get [Something Your Ideal Client Wants] Without Having To [Something They Don’t Want To Do], Even If [An Objection They Have]

Example: How to Clear Up Hormonal Acne, Without Having to Spend Hundreds on Expensive Skincare Products, Even If You’ve Had it For Years

2. Have You Ever Wanted To [Something They Want]?

Example: Have You Ever Wanted To Chuck All Those Medication Bottles in The Trash?

3. FINALLY, A Proven Way To Get [Result They Want] In Only [Timeframe], Using [Method]

Example: FINALLY, A Proven Way To Recover From Burnout, Without Having to Sacrifice Performance, Using Cellular-Level Detoxification.

4. How To Eliminate [Something Painful or Bad] Without [Something Else They Don’t Want]

Example: How To Eliminate Painful Bloating Without Giving Up All Your Favorite Foods.

5. Five Mistakes Most [Ideal Clients] Make [In Situation]… (and what to do instead)

Example: Five Mistakes Most Women Make When Trying Trying to Get Pregnant Naturally… (and what to do instead)

Marketing for Health Coaches | Website Support

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