Social Media Posts Designed Exclusively For Health & Wellness Practitioners.

Ready to grow your online wellness business, but struggle to find time for social media? If so, you're in just the right spot ;) 

professionally written + Designed

As a clinician, functional medicine practitioner or health coach, you have a million things on your plate, and keeping up with social media can take up HOURS each week. Which is exactly why we created this bundle - to help you crank out high-quality engaging posts in less time.

Creating Social Media Posts Takes a lottt of TIME...

I run a niche marketing studio serving health & wellness practitioners - and, can you guess what the #1 thing people request is? 

Social media support!

But the truth is... hiring us to create all your content is expensive, and it's not always in the budget for solopreneurs & small wellness practices. 

Soooo - we created this bundle, packed with highly-relevant diet + lifestyle topics that you can repurpose for your business. 

Thankfully, you don't have to do it alone. 

hi, i'm Chelsea...

For the cost of two starbucks runs!

Professionally-Written Captions & Customizable Graphics

48 reusable graphics - just swap in your brand colors & share

48 pre-written diet & lifestyle posts that your audience will actually enjoy reading!

14 bonus drag & drop templates to help you promote your services in style

Planning tools to map out 6 months of content!

2  posts/week, for six months!!

That's 2 posts every week for 6 months!!

customizable graphics
pre-written captions

"drag & drop" ease within Canva templates

Matching caption, professionally written for you



No More Stressing About What to Post, What to Write, or How to Make it Look Good.



who's this for?

holistic Health Coaches

Naturopathic Physicians

NUtritionists & dieticians

Functional practitioners

Wellness Practitioners

Functional medicine dr's

Real People, Real Results...

Then personalized the pre-written caption, and... ta-da!

Kristen swapped in her brand colors in seconds.

Kristen Barrett, FDN-P,  Health Coach & Founder of Epic Health.

Kristen saved *hours*, while increasing her engagement on Instagram.

"OMG 🙌🙌 this is amazing. Not only is the content great, but it's helping me get into a CREATIVE FLOW with my business. Love the simplicity, thank you!!"

"I hope you plan to offer more content bundles, because I can't imagine having to start from scratch every time again 😂😂"

"amazing content + A genius business model considering how hard it is for practitioners to keep up with social media - game changer 🔥."

you Spend too much time thinking about what to even post each week

you Spend too much time trying to design graphics in canva

you Spend too much time trying to make things sound just right

This is For You If...

you Know there are better ways to spend your time

"Chelsea's content bundles save me HOURS each week. It's a no-brainer! I no longer stress about making things look good or writing out the post each time, and I've reused the graphics over and over!"

Heather, Functional Health Caoch

Holistic Health Topics to Empower Your Audience.

Swap in Any Color You Like!

What You Get

Instant Access To:

(48) professionally written social media posts ON DIET & LIFESTYLE - 30+ pages of content!

(48) social media GRAPHICS, easily customizable to match your business & brand

drag & drop templates to promote your blog posts, newsletter & offers on social media

Engaging diet & lifestyle topics + social media planning tools to help you stay organized!

This      for you if:

You promote natural health & wellness

You prefer conventional healthcare

you want to find more clients online

You'd rather pay for expensive ads to find new clients

You want an economical solution

It's probably         for you if...

You'd rather pay for completely custom copywriting each month ($$$)


How it Works

1. purchase

Get immediate access to the content once you purchase with easy-to-follow direction & helpful social media guidance. 

2. personalize

Easily customize the pre-made graphics in Canva with your desired colors & fonts. And personalize the pre-written captions.

3. Share

Share on Instagram and across your other social media platforms to engage your health & wellness audience!

Three Easy Steps

This bundle includes enough to make 2 posts / week, for 6 months! Simply layer the posts on top of any content you're already sharing to boost your engagement. 


We've written & designed every single post within this bundle based on proven copywriting & marketing strategies that work our private 1:1 clients - holistic health coaches, functional nutritionists & naturopathic doctors & practitioners like you.


Three ways to use:

Hand these over to an assistant and have them personalize & post for you.

use this to supplement the content you're already posting to increase engagement

Launch a brand new social media account and use this bundle to gain momentum

Diet & lifestyle topics that are relevant To Every Niche.

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Delivered in Canva for "drag & drop" ease

10+ page lead magnet template

100% customizable to your brand

Welcome people to your brand with a jam-packed guide on healthy living. This could be anything your ideal client would find valuable -  e.g. your "go-to" products, or a step-by-step guide. The idea is to build credibility & warm people up to working with you, while also building your email list. Simply customize the guide with your content & colors, and begin promoting it on social media each week!

Bonus Lead Magnet Template

Swap in your brand

Bonus time...

I need this!

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What's included four

Another inclusion

What's included one

Something else

It's a good country for myths. Things seem to take root here. Highlanders loved stories, and Jamie was no exception. Mmphm. Ye need not be scairt of me, nor anyone here, so long as I'm with ye.

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$3.99 USD

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What's included four

Another inclusion

What's included one

Something else

It's a good country for myths. Things seem to take root here. Highlanders loved stories, and Jamie was no exception. Mmphm. Ye need not be scairt of me, nor anyone here, so long as I'm with ye.

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Professionally written & designed content to help you grow your business.

Enaging content designed exlusively for health & wellness practitioners