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We're here to help you grow your online health business with perfectly-crafted words, whip-smart strategy & scroll-stopping design.

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We create semi-custom & custom websites to help you grow your health coaching or wellness business (in style).  Our designs are modern, clean & intuitive.

Choose a semi-custom wellness brand and let us customize it for your business. Brand kits include designer colors, fonts pairings, a mood board & semi-custom logo. 


Words + design work together, which is why we do both! As holistic health copywriters, we will find the perfect words to promote your biz, so you don't have to.

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Have you heard of a "sales funnel"? Well, we do those too, and we love them! Sales funnels help you connect with more of your ideal clients online. 

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Still trying to nail your personal wellness brand? Get your creative juices flowing with our wellness brand starter kit, which includes access to 7 designer color palettes + customizable mood boards. 

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Meet Chelsea

From Corporate Drop-Out to Digital CEO & Founder of Launch Rx®

After years of projects that weren't exactly aligned (hello, flu shot marketing campaigns 👀), I finally decided to branch out on my own with what has now become Chelsea Carbary Agency.

Today, I get to support fellow entrepreneurs in the functional medicine space, as they grow their online businesses & dreams, and it lights me up in ways that corporate life never could. ✨


We've revolutionized the process of launching a high-end wellness brand & website for entrepreneurs in the health & wellness space, and we're pretty darn excited about it. 

functional medicine marketing


Learn more about our functional medicine marketing offerings & prices so you can see what makes most sense for you & your business. 

Personal Marketing For Wellness Practitioners.

A podcast for functional health coaches & practitioners looking to launch, grow & scale an online wellness practice with strategy & style. Branding, messaging & strategy. 

Because we're a small team of marketing experts who specialize in wellness, which means...

The convenience of having copy (words) *and* design done under one virtual roof, saving you from coordinating between freelancers. 

Deep industry "know-how", thanks to the fact that we've served 75+ health coaches, practitioners & entrepreneurs. 

A team who appreciates & understands natural medicine & believes the human body can heal from just about anything.

A trusted marketing partner, ready to support you as you grow (e.g. we'll be here when you're ready to launch that next online course).

A unique mix of strategy & intuition, which may leave you wondering if we can read your mind ;)

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A boutique copy & design agency, grounded in 10+ years of strategic marketing, serving entrepreneurs in the holistic health & functional medicine space. 

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Download the wellness brand starter kit w/ 7 designer color palettes + customizable mood boards.

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