We love good clean design, streamlined processes & potent messaging. But most of all, we love helping you grow a business doing what you love most - helping people heal & thrive. 

We get it! You didn't become a health expert only to end up stuck behind a computer working on "marketing stuff". Our goal is to take time-consuming copywriting and design projects off your plate so you can focus on what matters most – your clients + the rest of your life!

Whether you're just starting out in the online space, or you're launching your next big wellness program, we're here to help.

Functional Medicine Copywriting & Design to Grow Your Wellness Brand.

What started as a small functional medicine copywriting business quickly grew...

into a full-time creative agency that has now served over 100 entrepreneurs in the health & wellness industry.

If you're ready to launch an online business or grow your wellness brand, we're here to help. We have a team of copy, design & marketing experts ready to do the heavy-lifting for you. 


Health Marketing Strategist

Chelsea is the founder of Launch Rx®, bringing 10+ years of strategic marketing to the table. Since leaving her job in conventional healthcare, she's helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their online health businesses. On a personal note, she loves spending time with her 9 year old son outside of Seattle & embracing all things slow living. ;)


Health Business Mentor

Jennifer Wheeler is a Functional Health Consultant, Business Mentor & Founder of MNDSHFT Health. She serves as Co-Founder inside the Launch Rx® program, and enjoys working collaboratively with Chelsea + Team to serve her business mentorship clients.


Functional Medicine Copywriter

Michelle is a Functional Medicine Copywriter, which means she's a pro at writing for wellness experts! She edits student work inside the Launch Rx® program & hosts "Office Hours" with Chelsea every month. Michelle just moved back to the East Coast, but is looking forward to working from Bali in 2024.


Holistic Designer

Beckie is a talented web designer & absolute tech wizard. From whipping together beautiful website designs to helping Chelsea figure out tech disasters, she comes through every time! Beckie lives in the UK and is a proud dog mom.



Trying to your DIY your personal wellness brand? Get your creative juices flowing with our wellness brand starter kit, which includes access to 7 designer color palettes + customizable mood boards. 


Marketing Experts...

who love wellness. ;) We're a little team of marketing experts, dedicated to helping holistic health experts grow their online businesses. 

What we're 


All things entrepreneurship, linen everything, loads of healthy fat, farmer's markets & data-driven health. Oh, and we're forever obsessed with the art of perfectly-crafted words & good design. ;)

what we're


How to balance it all --  parenting, online business, self-care, and about a million other things. We've learned to slow down (a tad), and to embrace "intentional hustle". 

what we're

not about

That 9-5 life, ungrounded spirituality (e.g. thinking you can "manifest" your way through business), big pharma, watching the news, or playing small.

what we


We believe starting a business requires a *ton* of hard work, but you couldn't pay us any amount of money to return to our "normal jobs". 

we're all about:


the simple things

holistic health

Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




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Whether you're a brand new health coach, established practitioner, or small wellness team, we're to help to you grow with functional medicine copywriting, design & strategy.

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