We love good clean design, streamlined processes & potent messaging. But most of all, we love helping you grow a business doing what you love most - helping people heal & thrive. 

We get it! You didn't become a health expert only to end up stuck behind a computer working on "marketing stuff". Our goal is to take time-consuming copywriting and design projects off your plate so you can focus on what matters most – your clients + the rest of your life!

Whether you're just starting out in the online space, or you're launching your next big wellness program, we're here to help.

Functional Medicine Copywriting & Design to Grow Your Wellness Brand.

What started as a small functional medicine copywriting business quickly grew...

into a full-time creative agency that has now served over 100 entrepreneurs in the health & wellness industry.

If you're ready to launch an online business or grow your wellness brand, we're here to help. We have a team of copy, design & marketing experts ready to do the heavy-lifting for you. 


Health Marketing Strategist

Chelsea is the founder of Launch Rx®, bringing 10+ years of strategic marketing to the table. Since leaving her job in conventional healthcare, she's helped 100+ entrepreneurs grow their online health businesses. On a personal note, she loves spending time with her 9 year old son outside of Seattle & embracing all things slow living. ;)


Health Business Mentor

Jennifer Wheeler is a Functional Health Consultant, Business Mentor & Founder of MNDSHFT Health. She serves as Co-Founder inside the Launch Rx® program, and enjoys working collaboratively with Chelsea + Team to serve her business mentorship clients.


Functional Medicine Copywriter

Michelle is a Functional Medicine Copywriter, specializing in email sequences, sales pages & launch copy. She also edits student work inside the Launch Rx® program & hosts "Office Hours" with Chelsea every month. Michelle just moved back to the East Coast, but is looking forward to working from Bali in 2024.


Functional Medicine Copywriter

Karen is a seasoned Functional Medicine Copywriter from Texas, with 15 years in the field. Karen loves digging into PubMed to research health topics for our clients, and serves as our lead Copy Editor.  Karen homeschools her two kiddos at home, and fills her day with lots of fun crafty adventures. 


Holistic Designer

Beckie is a talented web designer & absolute tech wizard. From whipping together beautiful website designs to helping Chelsea figure out tech disasters, she comes through every time! Beckie lives in the UK and is a proud dog mom.



Trying to DIY your personal wellness brand? Get your creative juices flowing with our wellness brand starter kit, which includes access to 7 designer color palettes + customizable mood boards. 


Marketing Experts...

who love wellness. ;) We're a little team of marketing experts, dedicated to helping holistic health experts grow their online businesses. 

What we're 


All things entrepreneurship, linen everything, loads of healthy fat, farmer's markets & data-driven health. Oh, and we're forever obsessed with the art of perfectly-crafted words & good design. ;)

what we're


How to balance it all --  parenting, online business, self-care, and about a million other things. We've learned to slow down (a tad), and to embrace "intentional hustle". 

what we're

not about

That 9-5 life, ungrounded spirituality (e.g. thinking you can "manifest" your way through business), big pharma, watching the news, or playing small.

what we


We believe starting a business requires a *ton* of hard work, but you couldn't pay us any amount of money to return to our "normal jobs". 

we're all about:


the simple things

holistic health

Swim              SEA
DRINK        WILD AIR.   

in the




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